Teradix signs a cooperation protocol with Banque Misr to empower SMEs in Egypt

Cairo – Egypt Teradix signed a cooperation protocol with Banque Misr on Monday, May 23, 2022, where Eng. Khaled Aboshady – CEO of the company signed with Mr. Mohamed El-Antabli – Head of Small, Medium Enterprises, and Microfinance Sector at Banque Misr. This signing comes as part of Teradix’s efforts to provide its customers with […]

How Reverse Auction Benefits Your Bidding and Auction Process

When was the last time you changed vendors? Are you being charged a fair market price for your supplies? Procurement teams should revise their suppliers annually. In this way, you can discover new and possibly better vendors providing equitable and competitive prices. However, we all know that sourcing and procurement are not the easiest of […]

The Importance of Strategic Sourcing: A Holistic Approach to Procurement

To be competitive in today’s business climate, companies are constantly looking for innovative ways to reduce costs, improve the quality of their products and reduce production time. One way to achieve this is through strategic sourcing. Strategic sourcing allows companies to use their combined purchasing power to get the best deals. Companies should increase their […]

Reverse Auction – Why it is important and how you can organize it digitally

The goal of most companies is to reduce costs by streamlining procurement processes. Electronic applications enable companies to achieve significant cost savings by streamlining procurement processes. The rise of electronic reverse auctions is one of the most popular types of procurement. Organizations that use them can save 10-30% of their costs. What is a reverse […]

Procurement Optimization through E-Procurement – The Future is digital

E-procurement has the potential to optimize all aspects of procurement management and become an indispensable supply chain management tool. With e-procurement, companies can use information technology (IT) to increase the speed and efficiency of order processing, resulting in lower costs and more effective supply chains. E-procurement can be implemented as a stand-alone solution or combined […]

Why Procurement and Digital Transformation Should Go Hand-in-Hand

What does procurement have to do with digital transformation? More than you might think. Digital transformation takes many forms, from digital delivery of products and services to digital fulfillment to digital collaboration. The thing that unites these different forms of digital transformation is the need for procurement to play an active role in ensuring that […]