Procurement Optimization through E-Procurement – The Future is digital


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April 21, 2022
Procurement Optimization through E-Procurement – The Future is digital

E-procurement has the potential to optimize all aspects of procurement management and become an indispensable supply chain management tool.

With e-procurement, companies can use information technology (IT) to increase the speed and efficiency of order processing, resulting in lower costs and more effective supply chains.

E-procurement can be implemented as a stand-alone solution or combined with other supply chain systems to streamline business operations and achieve cost savings.

What is E-procurement?

While e-procurement may be a relatively new term, optimizing procurement is not. Companies have been optimizing their procurement for years – just manually.

Before widespread electronic records, companies had to consolidate all their orders from different suppliers and purchase orders into one central system. As a result, many tables, documents, and notes took much effort to clean up.

E-procurement technology aims to improve and streamline supplier management by centralizing and automating interactions.

It offers a range of advanced features that combine to deliver greater efficiency, better performance, and lower costs.

E-procurement includes supplier evaluation and selection activities, such as eAuctions and eTenders, and activities you need to purchase from those suppliers, including electronic purchase orders and supplier catalogs.

Benefits of E-Procurement

E-procurement can improve your procurement processes and be a source of strategic competitive advantage for your organization. It can also save you time and reduce costs. It offers significant benefits to your business, the most important of which are listed below:

Increased productivity

E-procurement tools are designed to improve your ability to find and buy products. By automating part of your procurement processes, you can reduce labor costs while increasing productivity. Your staff can spend more time on strategic goals instead of dealing with manual ordering processes.

Suppliers can deliver faster and get more accurate pricing information upfront with an automated system. You also gain access to additional buying power, which reduces lead times for purchasing from suppliers.

These systems can also be used for inventory management and warehouse management. For example, you can track which products are currently in stock, their expiry dates, and other important information that keeps your business running smoothly.

Spend control

E-procurement helps to track purchasing behavior and optimize procurement. The function of e-procurement is to maintain a central database of purchase orders, invoices, payments, financial transactions, and contracts. This improves efficiency and control by providing an overview of spending with detailed information on suppliers, services, and fees.

Improved spending control also means more transparency, which leads to effective cost reduction as costs for items, services, or specific suppliers are more visible. In addition, procurement transactions become easily traceable and accountable throughout their lifecycle – from request for proposal to invoice – enabling continuous improvement.

Broader supplier base

With e-procurement, companies can significantly expand their supplier base. As a result, they can buy from a much larger market, which increases competition. Increased competition results in lower prices and better product quality, leading to higher profits and making it easier to meet procurement targets.

Increased competition also creates a more attractive market for suppliers, which means they are less likely to overcharge or cut corners. All in all, these benefits increase productivity and reduce costs – significant savings for your business!

Shorter lead times

With an electronic procurement system, suppliers can submit their information digitally. Digitizing your suppliers’ submissions results in fewer errors and faster approval times, which means faster delivery and shorter lead times.

Reducing procurement cycle times optimizes inventory management, as less time and resources are spent on inefficient procurement. For example, instead of putting out fires when a supplier is late with a delivery, you can have automatic notifications sent directly to your phone or email when an order is ready for collection or will be delivered within a particular time window.

Streamlined workflow

With e-procurement software, business and purchasing departments can use a single platform to streamline their workflow. In addition, it allows easy and quick access to previously stored information in spreadsheets or other documents.

Having all your procurement data online allows you to make changes and updates as needed and share information with people outside your department.

The result is an efficient and organized workflow that keeps everyone on track in their procurement efforts.

Improved inventory control

Digitizing procurement can help companies save money by reducing inventory by providing procurement managers with an online platform that provides access to real-time information about suppliers. Procurement managers keep track of different items and projects digitally.

For example, they can access details of orders in production or shipments in transit at any time – information that can be helpful when investigating which product lines are profitable and which are not. With better insight into stock levels, inventory control also becomes easier.

In addition to saving time and reducing errors, e-procurement also makes it easier to track payments by eliminating the need for paper records and streamlining the invoicing process. If you save time and money in procurement, you can save money in other business areas.

Streamline and Automate your Sourcing & Procurement Process!

How E-procurement Affects the Bottom Line

Among the many benefits of e-procurement is that it positively impacts the company’s profits.

Savings through increased purchases from preferred suppliers

E-procurement makes it easier to purchase products and services from preferred suppliers. The more you buy from the same preferred supplier, the more you usually save on unit costs as they often offer volume discounts. You can also rely on your sources to ensure that you get the right quality for your needs.

Consolidation of preferred suppliers

Over time, the number of low-volume suppliers will gradually decrease. The list of preferred suppliers will increase as purchasing decisions become easier. Nevertheless, low-volume specialist suppliers are likely to remain profitable due to the increased volume of low-cost transactions.

Spot discounts

Reducing surplus stock by suppliers is easily achieved through the flexible pricing of online pricing. Moreover, it means that businesses can make significant savings by buying at the right time. It’s important to monitor the market closely and set up alerts to indicate changes.

Lower transaction costs

E-procurement streamlines much of the procurement process, reducing the time and cost of purchasing items.


The digital revolution has changed the way procurement is done.

E-procurement applications have made it easier for procurement professionals to compare suppliers and prices and streamline communication. A smart move is to make sure your business does not fall behind – keep your procurement department as efficient as possible by adopting new technologies.

To learn more about e-procurement solutions, book a demo with our consultant and learn how Teradix can transform and digitize your procurement processes!

Streamline and Automate your Sourcing & Procurement Process!

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